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    The barrel tumbler’s peening action can be used to work tougher parts and stress relief machined parts. hardened and polished steel shot is used extensively in a barrel tumbler for producing a quick luster on parts. while this media may be used in a vibratory machine, the barrel tumbler yields a denser surface and more luster. speed and amplitude

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    Wet barrel finishing, the system containing water, is a batch system for the removal of excess material or the polishing of parts. employing water and finishing compounds in the process forms radii, removes burrs, improves surface appearances, polishes, and cleans.

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    Industrial spin dryer / chip wringers are a perfect complement to our centrifugal barrel finishers mass finishing equipment. since barrel finishers utilize water in combination with media, parts need to be dried after the cycle is complete. often mass finished parts are small and nested which makes them difficult to dry with heated air only.

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    We distribute vibrahone™ high energy, high amplitude vibratory and centrifugal barrel tumbling and mass finishing equipment. warehouses in ohio, kentucky and california we have in stock over 1,500,000 pounds of ceramic, plastic, synthetic and special process media and 20,000 gallons of (safe to use) industrial cleaning, burnishing and ...

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    The company has a variety of finishing machines available in five categories: vibratory finishing machine, centrifugal barrel machine, centrifugal disc machine, rotating barrel machine, and shot blasting machine.