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    Vibratory bowl feeders,centrifugal feeders,step feeder. suzhou huilide machine co., ltd. is one designer and manufacturer of parts feeders,centrifugal feeders,step …

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    Massfinishmass finish vibratory bowl machines ... massfinishaustralian manufacturers of vibratory bowl mass finishing machines for deburring and polishing metal objects. plastic, ceramic & synthetic polishing ... get price >>

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    Tumbling machines; tumbling machines rotary and vibratory tumblers for polishing rocks, mass finishing small parts and burnishing jewellery. tumblers. there are two main types of tumblers—the rotary and the vibratory. the first tumblers were of the rotary type, where a barrel revolves as it rides on two parallel revolving shafts.

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    The new linia cnc plasma cutting machines from complete machine tools give you the speed, accuracy and ease of your own cnc plasma machine at a super competitive price.

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    You can call our team of customer service reps—all with experience using our machines—for troubleshooting or free project advice any time. arbor presses – a 3-ton manual arbor press (with ratchet-type leverage) and a 5.6-ton press (with a single-leverage handle), both for pressing and broaching.