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    The suction blast cabinet system uses the venture principal, incorporating an air jet one half the inside diameter of the nozzle. this creates a negative pressure that sucks the media into the gun body from the hopper. the total acceleration of the media in the air stream is 8 to 16".

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    Pulsar 55se suction blast cabinet $ 0.00 the zero pulsar 55se is a high-production, ergonomic suction blast cabinet designed specifically to enhance productivity and efficiency by offering a safe and comfortable work station for blast operators.

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    Nov 26, 2017 · the industrial sandblasting cabinet has turntable for easy movement of heavy and big products. it is also an dry abrasive blasting equipment for general blasting application, like deburring ...

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    The majority of blasting equipment is powered by a compressed air system that utilizes a pressure or suction mechanism to propel the blasting media. pressure systems are capable of producing higher media velocities and typically are more efficient than suction systems.

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